Tutorial: How to make Code Geass Euphemia cosplay costume

These days, I have search some tutorial about how to make code geass euphoria cosplay costume. It is summer, a good time to do Code Geass Euphemia cosplay.

Euphemia is a kindhearted and open-minded woman. In Code Geass, Euphemia dresses in a skirt in white, light-green and yellow. This is the costume had been made perfect:

So make this code geass euphemia cosplay costume, you need three kinds fabric with three color: white, light-green, yellow. What’s more, it has a red belt. You also need prepare some tools: needle, scissors, pencil ruler.

After you prepare these things, you may begin to make your costume.(before you do it, you must ensure you have read the rule  5 top steps to make good cosplay costume)

1. Draw out the costume shape with pencil and ruler based on the picture.

2. Cut the fabric with scissors.

3. Sew fabric parts with needle.

Ok, these 3 steps are the basic; you may change other detail steps by your habit. Looking forward to your beautiful Code Geass cosplay costume.