Pirate Empress Boa Hancock cosplay costume

Boa Hancock is the only female member of Shichibukai in One Piece. She is considered by many to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

Because of Boa Hancock’s beauty, she has been a longing figure and appearance by many females. We can’t change our body that from the nature, but we can dress up with costume and accessories, so it is not a dream to be Boa Hancock any longer! Here is the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock cosplay costume; it can make you the same as Pirate Empress Boa Hancock!

For this One Piece Pirate Empress Boa Hancock Cosplay Costume, we use high quality material with fine workmanship, the current development of garment ergonomic compliance with standards for various types of apparel production; it’s your good choice for your cosplay show. Comfortable to wear it, free to roam. Cos Component: Mantle + Half Length Skirt + Sash.

Boa Hancock is a very tall, slender woman with long black hair, large breasts, a high forehead, and light brown eyes that have long, voluminous lashes. Her 3 measurements are (according to Sanji and series creator Oda in supplemental material): B111-W61-H91 (B 43.7″ – W 24.02″ – H 35.83″), making her breasts a J-cup in Japan, and bigger than Nami’s or Robin’s. So when you get your Boa Hancock cosplay costume, you should get your 3 measurements size and make the suitable costume. Her attire changes frequently, but this Pirate Empress Boa Hancock cosplay costume is the most beautiful one!

Halo Cortana Cosplay

Halo Cortana

Are you looking for a fresh cosplay theme? As a cosplayer, you might have grown accustomed to these various “blue creatures” inspired by Avatar. But you can’t miss out Halo Cortana that is a perfect cosplay theme for female cosplayers

Are you wondering where and how you can get this cosplay costume? You’d better make it by yourself. To buy a transparent rubber zentai suit and paint the pattern on it and then make this suit shiny with some lube oil or some thing like that. If you are not good at painting, maybe ask somebody also to help you.

How to do Misa cosplay?

Misa cosplay

Misa cosplay (in Death Note) is a so wonderful cosplay that many cosplay fans like to do Misa cosplay, so many people cosplayed her on Halloween.

Misa cosplayMisa ( Amane Misa) was an up-and-coming model who had an immense crush on Light Yagami, which quickly became a major obsession, to the point where she would do anything for him regardless of what happens to herself in anime Death Note.

Today I would like to write a easy Misa cosplay tutorial here.

Misa cosplay Wig:
The wig is fairly simple, you just need a long blonde wig. You can make the small pigtails by taking some of the hair on each side and using small elastics to put it in place. Use a wig head to help you see if the pigtails are straight, or measure it while it is on your head!

Misa cosplay costume

Misa cosplay costume is a adorable one! To make one yourself you will need to create a neckband, you can do this with pleather to imitate ones sold in stores, or just some stiff black fabric if you like something softer or cheaper.

For thick leather, you can usually get away with leaving it one layer. Measure the circumference of your neck and add on a little bit for where the clasp will go. Cut to size.  Add on a clasp to the end (carried at craft or fabric stores) or veclro or another way of closing it, and test it on your neck. Finally, add studs.

For other fabrics you may want to cut two pieces and a piece of interfacing to make it stiffer. Sew along the top and side edges and flip inside out so the interfacing is on the inside. Trim the interfacing so it is a bit shorter than the edges of the fabric. Fold the rough edges into the tube and sew along the edge, this will close your necklace tube. Iron it flat. Now you can add a clasp to the ends and then add the studs.

Once again, this is something you can find at a thrift store to the local mall! I suggest a stretchy fabric shirt; if it has sleeves you can always take them off and hem the edges. Then you just need to sew on some zippers as-is, zippers are available at fabric and sewing stores.

If you would like to make it yourself then look for a similar sewing pattern, it is very simple so it should be a good project for someone new to cosplaying. M5977 is a good pattern if you not include the front ruffle. Once complete, you just need to sew on some zippers, which can be found at a fabric or sewing store.

For the smaller necklaces you could look at a craft store for charms and some necklace chains. Just add the charm to the chain and the smaller ones are complete. Or you can create your on charms with sculpt.

For the large necklace you can create the cross with paper clay, since it is easy to form things and is very lightweight. Another option is sculpt, however you will want to form it over a tinfoil base so that it doesn’t become too heavy. Other options include paper Mache over cardboard or foam.

Under her gadgets she has fingerless gloves, you can either buy some online, at Goth type stores, stores like clairs that carry gloves and accessories, or you can make your own. If you can’t find any gloves that are fingerless, you can always buy gloves with fingers and cut the ends off, just make sure to hem any fabric that may fray.

The base of her blades are leather straps, you can make your own by buying pleather and cutting to shape and then adding snaps. You can sew 2-3 layers of pleather on top of each other to give it thickness and strength just makes sure you sew the snaps to your bottom layer first. You can also buy straps at stores that sell accessories, punchy type clothing and accessory stores, and online.

Another thing you can most likely buy at Goth-y punk stores or at party and costume stores around Halloween. Though if you want it to be accurate, the best way is to make it yourself.

Now you just need to add the studs. For the regular studded belt you can pick up studs at a craft or sewing store, they may come in a kit that explains how to add them. For the rounded studs, you can look at the same stores and they may carry them, or you may have to order them online. If you can’t find any you could make some with craft foam, by cutting a circle and taking a snip down to the middle of the circle then gluing it back together so it is now a raised cone shape rather than a flat circle. Paint it nicely and then hot glue it to the belt.

Okay last, sharing a good Misa cosplay video with you!

Tutorial: How to make Code Geass Euphemia cosplay costume

These days, I have search some tutorial about how to make code geass euphoria cosplay costume. It is summer, a good time to do Code Geass Euphemia cosplay.

Euphemia is a kindhearted and open-minded woman. In Code Geass, Euphemia dresses in a skirt in white, light-green and yellow. This is the costume had been made perfect:

So make this code geass euphemia cosplay costume, you need three kinds fabric with three color: white, light-green, yellow. What’s more, it has a red belt. You also need prepare some tools: needle, scissors, pencil ruler.

After you prepare these things, you may begin to make your costume.(before you do it, you must ensure you have read the rule  5 top steps to make good cosplay costume)

1. Draw out the costume shape with pencil and ruler based on the picture.

2. Cut the fabric with scissors.

3. Sew fabric parts with needle.

Ok, these 3 steps are the basic; you may change other detail steps by your habit. Looking forward to your beautiful Code Geass cosplay costume.

Cosplay is more and more fashionable in China

I came into contact with cosplay from 2005, at that time, there was almost no people know cosplay around me, but I know it was very hot in Japan ,America and other western countries at that period. There were more people like cosplay in Beijing and Shanghai in Chinese mainland.

Five years have passed; cosplay is more and more fashionable in China. Except for  Hongkong, Beijing and Shanghai, now in Chongqing , Chengdu, you can see cosplayers here and there. I want to take a example to tell you how hot cosplay in China now!

Look at this picture; it is taken from a cosplay site. This is a cell phone, how can you imagine cosplay with cell phone? Mobile phone businessmen find the phenomenon that many young’s like cosplay, so they put a cosplay phone on cell phone, so cosplay fans can see their favorite cosplayers everywhere at anytime

This is just a common phenomenon that show the Chinese people’s passion on cosplay, I can’t say if it is a good phenomenon to put cosplay photo on cell phone, but it indicate their cosplay passion!

Excellent Naruto cosplay video

Naruto is a very hot anime in our daily life, with millions of fans all over the world. Many people like to portray their favorite idols in Naruto by dressing in similar clothes. Naruto cosplay is fashionable from fans from children to adults.

The author of Naruto anime is Masashi Kishimoto, an anime artist and creative writer.

Naruto tells about exploits of a group of ninjas who want to become most prominent in their village. Naruto followers dress as their beloved character on parties, sewing clothes with great detail. These colorful manga enacting appearances are known as Naruto Cosplay. The costume that cosplayers dressing are Naruto Cosplay Costume.
This Naruto cosplay is very wonderful ^^. Costumes look good and the place is very beautiful!

naruto cosplay


Cosplay costumes make your business promotion effectively

Time is flying! It is 2011y already. it is the first day I come back to work from three-day-holiday, New Year’s Day. Did you have a nice vacation? Hehe, it was very bad whether in Chengdu, so I just stayed at home, but I have learned another use of cosplay costume.
Previously, we know we can dress in cosplay costumes playing our favorite characters, but do you know you can dress in cosplay costumes to attract costumers, thus making your business better.
That day, I walked through a cell phone store. They were doing promotion activity. There were three “pandas”. Pandas handed out
leaflets and shouted out” welcome “.they weren’t pandas, but they were pandas, just for their coplay costumes. Yeah, they looked so cute, swinging action let them looked as real pandas.
Pandas had a big effect on the cell phone business, just ten minutes, there were 5 people entered into the store. So it is a very effective method to grab costumers’ eyes.
Not only for cell phone promotion, but for all sells and other activates, cosplay costumes are your best choice. on the school yard sport, you may choose School Uniform. If you have a food store, you also can choose School Rumble Cosplay, it let you be pure, you may image the menu, a beautiful girl dressed in a School Rumble Cosplay costume holds up a bowl of noodle, how delicious!

Take good advantage of cosplay costumes, you will have a good business promotion.

How to work for coser?


We always talk about Coplay, but do you know how about a coser who is earning money by coplay work?

Now, let us come into the life of Gaoming, a girl full with passion for cosplay from Nanjing. Gaoming likes anime when she is child. Although, she contact which cosplay in recent year, she like it crazy, except catwalking, she takes much more time to entertain themselves with cosplay lovers.

Gaoming says, as a cosplayer, the first thing as well as the important thing is the crazy passion for anime which gives you enough courage to dress in bizarre cosplay costume on the stage. The second one is the understanding of anime, the same understanding of an actor for script, a person who can’t understand the script can’t be a perfect actor, the same as coser. Coser can make decision and perform enjoy only if she understanding the anime.

Generally, coser will receive the activity invitation or competition notice half month or one month before, then go to book store to choose anime, choose out the suitable role based on the requirement. Because cosplay industry in China is in the initial stage, there is no ready cosplay costume and equipment, and the price is quite expensive if buy them from Japan, so cosers will find makers make cosplay costume, so coser must draw out the picture of cosplay costume and give it to manufacturer.

Except cosplay costume, a perfect coser also needs other things. Cosplay wig is very important, too. A suitable cosplay wig math with the cosplay costume will add much honorable. Powder, Rouge, lipstick eye and shadow are making a big influence on coser.

Children’cosplay costume

child cosplaychild cosplaychild cosplayChildren are angel, innocence. You won’t reject a child’s request while she is looking at you with her transparent eyes, will you? You will forget all annoyance things if you see your baby, won’t you? Yes, children are our angel, no matter she is your child or not.

Everyone love children, we can’t resist each smile children face, and especially those cosplay children. You may be amazed; is there some cosplay costume for children? Of course, cosplay is not just for our adults, it is also for children, when you see children’ s cosplay show, you will find it’s another style of cosplay.

There are many kinds of children cosplay costume. The most popular is cute cosplay costume and cool cosplay costume.
Not only adults can cosplay well, so well as children.

We know that gifts are the most effective way to make children happy at charismas day among singing, designing charismas tree with them. Cosplay costume is a perfect gift; you may choose a cosplay costume for your child based on his or her character.

Except charismas day, birthday, you also can buy cosplay costume for your children.

Children cosplay can improve his ability, make him much braver.

Do you want to show your cute baby? Come on, show out your beautiful pictures!

How can you find your favorite cosplay costumes

We always praise other’s beautiful cosplay costumes, and also want to have these cosplay costumes ourselves. But how can we buy these cosplay costumes we wanted?
Cosplay costumes are significantly different than traditional Halloween costumes-their elaborate detail is indicative of the detail-oriented lifestyle of cosplayers who enjoy truly becoming their individual characters. With stunning clarity, these costumes truly are fictional characters come to life.

The first step, find out as many cosplay costumes pictures as you can.. Go online and Google some image searches and print the higher quality pictures you can find. To save ink and paper, I would recommend saving the pictures on your computer, cut the images out and pasting them onto a whole new page so you’ll have one page full of pictures, and then compare them, choose out the best ones.

The second step, get your size. You should get your own size, such as height, bust, Waistline.
The third step, find the patterns. Go to a fabric store and look through their patterns. Once you have the right pattern, you may hunt for the fabric. And then choose color and price. There is chance that you’re not going to find the exit hue you’re looking for because references can have different shadows and highlights that will make it near impossible to determine which hue is the right hue. So just pick a color and be happy with it. You don’t want to spend a fortune on a costume, so shop online is best choice.
The last step is to choose where to buy. You can go to fabric store, but it is too expensive and it will waste much of your time. So I recommend you to shop online. You know, it is a common thing buying things online. There are many shops you can choose, but I like Cosplayfancy most. There are many kinds of cosplay costume on it, good quality but low price.