The Inevitable Development of Cosplay Culture

The pursuit of our clothes at different times has very different forms of dress also vary. For example, people wear clothes what could be leaves or bark in ancient society.It can neither say is warm clothes nor say is good looking, maybe just the first humans realize that everyone’s different, something to shelter. Then the development of human society will have a hand in a very rough hemp clothes and this is the progress of mankind. Later, human development is for everyone to wear warm clothes, but it is put to the pursuit of the handsome looks or beautiful. For the present society, what clothes we can meet, but we are pursuing are different. We now seek is personalized, unique, or done things to and the like, with virtual characters of, so they are bound form a cosplay.

In modern society, film and television more, see more Superman, spiderman zentai is more worshiped. Although that movie or TV is only virtual, but the spirit in which the people erected a sense of justice. That is, I admire Superman, I want to be Superman. But man, always is, and no specific function Superman. But we’ll hope and dressed exactly the same as Super. In order to meet psychological needs, there’s spandex zentai later development of the market.

The above example is only one to tell the story from the cosplay evolution. Why cosplay to get everyone’s identity, and the ability to develop. Let me give an another example, Liking animation is not just a kid, really good animation industry in Japan, which also shape the character to attract many viewers, so we will also wear some of my favorite animated character’s clothes, which is the development of cosplay a starting point.


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